Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana report on the mushrooming god-consciousness movement sweeping across the world. During the sixties the Beatles made their famous pilgrimage to India, and in the process, they inspired a flower-powered, drug-induced generation to seek pagan enlightenment from Indian holy men. Today thousands of self-proclaimed godmen continue to invade our western culture. Incredible film footage from mystical India highlights this shocking expose.I am God! I Am God! Actress Shirley MacLaineI am God. My power is divine. Indian Guru Sai BabaGod wants you to become God. Chri Chinmoy Indian Guru to the United States”And ye shall be as gods” Satan in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3.

Vol. 2 of the Pagan Invasion Series

48 minutes / ’91

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Invasion of the Godmen DVD - ADD TO CART

    Invasion of the Godmen

Invasion of the Godmen DVD - ADD TO CART

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