Hidden footage of actual mind control therapies, fascinating & explosive. Excerpts from Fear is The Master.

A look into the ability to captivate and control men’s hearts and minds for one’s pleasure.
Mind Control: the ability to captivate and control the hearts and minds of others for one’s own purpose. Most believe they are immune to brainwashing. Yet time and again the 20th century has witnessed the atrocities of ruthless leaders as they continue to exploit their vulnerable and idealistic followers. This film specifically relates to “Osho” “god of the universal”, or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana confront the manipulative techniques of mind control. Shocking film footage of actual mind control therapies highlights this fascinating and explosive expose.
This film contains excerpts from Fear is The Master, along with commentary from Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana.
48 Minutes 1991

Vol. 9 of the Pagan Invasion Series

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