This powerful, fast-paced, and entertaining documentary features exclusive home videos of President and Mrs. Clinton that capture Hillary’s “Crimes on Tape”. ‘Smoking gun’ evidence of her multiple violations of federal law in her quest for unbridled power are revealed to the public for the first time .
Peter Paul, Hollywood internet entrepreneur and Hillary’s largest 2000 donor turned whistle-blower, exposes how a President and Senator conspired to hoodwink a million dollar donor and avoid accountability to the government and American people.

Never before seen footage of the Gala Concert Salute to President Clinton, the largest private concert ever. The first concert to be shown in Court as evidence of various federal crimes..

“Paul v Clinton could well be Hillary’s Chappaquiddick” – John Armor, Constitutional lawyer
“Senator Hillary Clinton …can’t …shake fund-raising controversy” – Wall Street Journal
Paul says “No one, not even Hillary is above the law … this is bigger than Watergate.”

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