Killing babies to sell their limbs and organs? That is absurd! It could never happen in America…or could it.

Baby Parts For Sale” is a film that exposes the gross truth about the lively market for baby parts in America. The process by which this has been allowed was through the ever-so controversial Partial Birth Abortion.

You may be wondering how a Partial Birth Abortion could translate into legally selling baby parts for money. Well, it’s all about technicalities. Although selling organs and human body parts for money may not have been legal, if a pharmaceutical company wanted 100 baby lungs, they would pay for the labor of removing them, not “technically” for the lungs themselves. This loophole is what allowed the dismembering and resale of hundreds of thousands of baby limbs, tissue, and organs. The larger the baby, the more money they generated, thus the encouragement of aborting full-term babies and not just partial-term fetuses.

In the case of the six to seven month old fetuses who were to be aborted, in order to get better results the doctors would often induce early labor so that they could salvage more of the baby’s body parts and organs, opposed to just sucking the entire fetus out through a vacuum or pulling it out in parts.

This procedure was said to be done only on women who were at risk during childbirth or on children who were going to be born with Down’s Syndrome, however, often the women and babies were perfectly healthy.

The baby parts are then sold to pharmaceutical companies and scientists for their own experimentation. Although the women are manipulated into thinking they are doing good by donating their dead and diseased babies, potentially saving others lives, scientific research has only proven that the use of these baby parts, such as the fetal brains on Parkinson’s Disease patients, only ended in terrible irreversible damage for the already suffering patients.

We also discovered that baby parts were even used in attempts to create human-animal hybrids by implanting monkeys with fetus brains. This has also been documented in the documentary title “Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity”. All of these uses were excused by modern doctors and pharmaceutical companies claiming it is for the benefit of mankind, but is that not the same justification that was used in Nazi Germany’s experimentation and gross exploitation of Jewish children? The only difference is those doctors were hung for their immoral “contribution” to science.

Watch “Baby Parts For Sale” and decide for yourselves. Is the sale of a baby’s body worth it’s life?


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