Should we believe everything we hear on the news? Can we trust the national media? Are we being fed the truth or an agenda?

The 60 Minutes Deception takes you behind the scenes of one of America’s most popular and longest running news magazine shows and reveals a shocking web of deceit!

In The 60 Minutes Deception you will witness firsthand:

  • How a dedicated and courageous journalist was viciously smeared by “60 Minutes” at the request of the White House.
  • How Mike Wallace, the host of “60 Minutes,” deliberately omitted crucial evidence and distorted interview responses through manipulative editing.
  • Why the major news media refuses to report the truth about certain political scandals and the abuse of power.

The 60 Minutes Deception is one of the most important and damaging expose’s ever produces, clearly showing the dishonest tactics used by the mainstream press in providing misinformation to the American people. Must viewing for all concerned Americans!

Approx. Running Time: 75 Minutes 1997

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