Vince Foster was the lifetime friend of Bill Clinton and held the prestigious position of Deputy White House Counsel.
Why have important facts surrounding the Vince Foster death been ignored or withheld from public scrutiny?
Documented evidence that will startle you and change your opinion of the Clintons forever!

The evidence suggests:

  • Vince Foster’s body was found in two different locations.
  • The alleged suicide gun, found in Foster’s hand, had no fingerprints on it.
  • Crime scene photographs were “accidentally” destroyed.
  • Vince Foster had allegedly walked in dirt more than 200 yards but had no dirt on his shoes.The Evidence Just Doesn’t Add Up!

Analysis of law enforcement investigations indicate, by overwhelming evidence, that very few facts ever suggested any possibility of suicide.
Why would the White House remove documents after the police ordered Foster’s office sealed?
Why was evidence taken before forensic tests could be conducted?

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